about me


this is me

a change in perspective

back in the day

resume...media, marketing

kids...calla, lili

dogs... frankie, joey, guy

diagnosis...brain tumor, stage 4

prognosis...happily ever after

favorite things...reading, taking pictures, hugging my loved ones, back road adventures with my husband and 




back in the day

a change in perspective

back in the day

This is me laughing as a baby, with just a few teeth and not a care in the world. I have always loved photography, I think I get that from my Dad. My Dad was always taking pictures (he took this one!) and still is. He’s great at capturing moments and beautiful scenery.

Photography has always been important to me- from childhood and throughout my career but I didn’t realize how important it was until I began to rely on it as part of my therapy.


a change in perspective

a change in perspective

a change in perspective

My life changed in 2013, sometimes I say my world flipped upside down. So much has happened, including a battle with cancer and losing all my hair (and boy it was long!) but I'm still here and trying to enjoy every single moment I have in this lifetime. I've been taking pictures my whole life but my perspective has changed recently therefore my pictures have too.

I have 2 beautiful daughters, 2 dogs, amazing parents, a loving family, friends and my adorable husband. Life is good.


I believe in the power of positivity and that belief got me through some of the toughest days of my life. On the days when I felt like I needed something to help me get up and fight on the days when I needed to the most, on the days when I was literally fighting for my life I surrounded myself with positive words and positive people. I created and designed a positive statement line of products for people like me, for people who needed to fight. A portion of the proceeds of every purchase from my store goes to cancer research because while we’re at it, let’s work to get rid of this evil disease called cancer. Click here to visit my shop.